The Cry of the Unborn – Spoken word by Sarah Begaj

March 2021

Earlier in February, I had a very disturbing dream. A couple of weeks later the Lord impressed upon my heart the interpretation and the implications of it. It began a journey of discovery and conviction. You can read my dream and thoughts relating to it here:

During these days in which we live, there is a hidden genocide occurring. In England and Wales over 200,000 babies are aborted every year – that’s over 500 a day. God’s heart is grieved over this merciless killing. I penned the words to this poem a couple of days ago and recorded the music the next day. It is my prayer that the church would wake up to this abomination and accept its responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless. May the knowledge that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, created in the image of God, with a purpose to know Him and be reconciled to Him, be spread far and wide. May the Lord raise up a fearless army for His purposes in these last days.
“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; mercy and truth go before Your face.” – Psalm 89:14

Please consider sharing this poem and interceding for the unborn.

Written by Sarah Begaj
Music performed by Sarah Begaj

The Cry Of The Unborn
Sarah Begaj 16/03/21 ©

Hidden in the shadows
Drawn into the light
Silent cries in darkness
She had no strength to fight

The perfect place of safety
Mother’s heartbeat heard
Betrayal of the worst kind
The pain began to surge

So brutally discarded
Like a worthless doll
Sold for parts and testing
As if she had no soul

The callous hands that tore her
So wonderfully designed
Meant for life and healing
Not torture of this kind

Her blood cries out to heaven
The multitude is heard
The Father’s heart is grieving
His children massacred

But what of those who knew this
Yet spoke up not a word
Shall we indeed be guiltless?
Will our cries be heard?

So many slaughtered babies
Whose lives are cast aside
Unplanned, inconvenient
Disabled, sacrificed

Spoken of as healthcare
The woman’s right to choose
Who will stand for those so small
The children we will lose?

Safe in the arms of Jesus
He knows them all by name
He formed them in the darkness
He knows their fragile frame

But what about the others?
Shall we not plead their cause?
Create in us a clean heart
Break it for what breaks yours.

Sarah Begaj