The Cry of the Unborn

Some Truth about Halloween

What do you guys think Halloween is about? Today, Halloween is often a troublesome time for communities, when people go out committing crime and vandalism, dressed up as the dead and knocking on your door threatening “Trick or Treat” unless you give them what they want – The police record an increase in crimes during Halloween, and they think it[…]

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Truth is accounted as Righteousness

If you know something is True you should automatically believe in it – wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you believe in the Truth? We don’t expect a reward for believing in something that is True, but Jesus is the Truth and for simply believing the Truth, amazingly it is accounted to us as Righteousness by God – and it is His[…]

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Jesus is the Golden Gate

“The Golden Gate” also known as the “Gate of Mercy and Beautiful Gate” is one of eight main Gates that allow entry into Jerusalem through the city walls, it is referred to mostly as the Eastern Gate because naturally it faces East. The Gate faces the Mount of Olives and was the main Gate leading to the Temple. It is[…]

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