Dream – The hidden banner

08th March 2021

I had a kind of awake dream last night – meaning I was aware I was dreaming. I am at work and should be working but I want to write this down before i get more vague.

The details have gotten patchy so I have left bits out. Loads of people were gathered and each were holding the same banner as if united, the banner was above their heads more like flags. The same banner I proclaim. I was in this dream but I believe I was inside a building, and gathered outside of the entrance was the crowd, waiting for something, something from me but I don’t know what? Anyway, I then noticed behind that banner was another banner hidden away. A banner I was horrified to see, because of what it represents; it is sin and it is sin my brothers and sisters were willingly partaking in (but I do not know what this sin is.) This hidden banner is the banner they really followed but they themselves didn’t know it. The banner they proclaimed to follow was slipping away to reveal where their true allegiance is. They proclaimed to follow the way but they seriously erred. They were outside but in the world and partaking in it. I was inside and in the world but did not desire to partake in it.

Secondly, but much later I was given the words “you’re the chosen one” and i ignored it. I am cautious with receiving messages like this because I sometimes think the devil might try to make me feel special. But on further reflection I do believe we are all chosen for a purpose, maybe God is just reminding me he has a purpose for my life, a purpose He has chosen specifically for me to fulfil.