Ecclesiastes 12:11 – Goads

Ecclesiastes 12:11 – Goads
The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.

Goads are a spiked tool used by shepherds to poke and guide the sheep when they might stray, it can be seen like a punishment for straying yet it is intended for the good, because it forces them to stay on the straight path and remain safe. And indeed all wisdom that is Godly comes from God, it is inspired by God and the Goads can be likened to God’s Word, because Godly wisdom can offend. But actually if we sin God’s Word is a Light that can pierce our hearts and convict us when we stray, for our own good, if we just let it – It can keep us on the straight and narrow path.

But let’s think deeper on the reference of one Shepherd and nails. Jesus is the one shepherd from whom God’s Word is given to us, Jesus is God’s Word that never strays. Only one shepherd is truly the good shepherd and that person is Jesus, Jesus Words pierce us out of Love. But the miracle is Jesus also took all the goads for our straying, our sins, because God does not force us to follow the straight and narrow path which leads to life, but with sin will always come consequences and ultimately Judgement. Sin results in death and only one shepherd can take the nails on the cross, die and rise again therefore taking all the goads for our straying, our Judgement – sin has to be paid for by blood. Jesus sweated blood for us in the garden and was later scourged and pierced but continued to make a straight path available for all. Our sins being paid for is a gift, but by rejecting Jesus you reject this gift and will face the ultimate Judgement of death. Although everyone’s sins are paid for, our sins are only covered by choosing to follow Him. There is no condemnation for those who accept the gift of life by choosing to follow the good shepherd, our Lord Jesus.

Love without God is fake Love. The kind of Love talked about in the world today is fake Love because God is absent, if people reject God then His Word does not pierce their hearts. God is Love, true Love is only found in God, only found through the good Shepherd and God places this Love into our hearts and this Love can be, and actually it should be piercing our hearts – if we chose to follow Him, and become crucified with Christ. But it is Jesus who took all the goads and died on the cross.

The Romans were experts and would have made certain someone being crucified will remain crucified. The thieves either side of Him didn’t have a choice, the nails fastened securely made certain they couldn’t get off the cross but those nails couldn’t keep Jesus there yet He remained there out of Love for us. He could have avoided crucifixion but didn’t, He could have gotten off the cross but didn’t. Jesus the good Shepherd laid down His life for us and took all the goads for all of our straying, our sins. Jesus was also teaching us how to lay down our lives for each other, to imitate Him with the Love of God. Then He rose again, to be our good Shepherd for eternity, because only He can reign forever and give to us eternal life.

18/09/2020 – Leon

All scriptures are taken from the NKJV