Seeking with the Spirit – Testimony

I remember years ago, probably when I was about 26, about 2006. I somehow acquired a New Testament but I was not a believer. I believed the Bible was frankly worthless despite not having ever read it. But one night I was wondering to myself “Why do so many people become deceived by this book, why are people so foolish and blind to not see its absolute rubbish – I believed in what the world had taught me”.

So when I opened the book I did so in a sceptical mocking manner and really seeking a laugh. However when I tried to read the Bible, I remember that I could not understand, not even one verse made any sense. The sentences seemed to become jumbled; the verses just did not register or flow in my head. I understood absolutely nothing and so I did not get my laugh and I could not mock Gods word – but instead I was left even more confused about this book.

Years went by, about 8 years (and cutting out much of my testimony), I attempted to read the Bible again. But this time I was seeking the Truth. Much had brought me to this point where one night I thought to myself NOT “Why do so many become deceived” but I thought “Why do so many believe in this Book and why does it change people and even their lives” – it must contain something special.

I picked it up and held the Bible and told myself “Just what if, what if everything I ever thought, ever knew and was taught was all wrong” and I was willing to accept that just maybe all I know is wrong.

So I opened the Bible and began to read – and this time I was able to understand what I am reading, and I found the Bible was like nothing I had expected. It was stories about people’s lives, and they were realistic – real stories. I remember thinking “Why would anyone waste time writing something like this unless it was true?” And before I had reached the end of Genesis I had become so engrossed in the Characters of the Bible that I had not even questioned if the Bible is the Truth but I believed in these Characters and that the history is real – without realising!

The reason I was not able to understand this book the first time – was because I was not seeking for the Truth, I did not open the book with a seeking heart and so the Holy Spirit was not going to help me. God said NO and did not allow me to mock his words and have a laugh at his expense. When I opened this book the second time I wanted to know the Truth and I was looking to the Bible to see if it can help me find the Truth – and the Holy Spirit removed my spiritual blindness and granted me access to His Word to know the Truth.

Lord, may we always open the Bible with a Heart that is seeking you; our God – and let the Holy Spirit guide us when reading your words, the words of our God. Amen

Jer_29:13  And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.